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  • School / Pre-School attended if applicable:

    If a child has previously been enrolled in a primary school a certificate to that effect from the Principal should accompany this application as well as progress reports etc.
  • Parent / Guardian Details:

  • Guardian or Friend:

    Very important that a contact number other than the home number is given
  • Screening / Diagnostic Testing:

    At some stage during your child's schooling it may be necessary to carry out screening and/or diagnostic testing to ascertain his/her learning abilities/disabilities etc. Do you give permission to carry out any such tests on your child which may be deemed necessary?
  • Legal

    Is there any legal order under Family Law (access rights etc.) of which the school should be made aware? It is important that the school is given a copy of the relevant document in cases where there is a requirement or order in relation to custody etc.
  • Medical Consent

    All information is strictly confidential
  • Agreement:

    I have filled in all the details on this enrolment form to the best of my ability. I have read the School's Code of Behaviour and School Ethos and I am willing to do my best to teach my child to behave in accordance with these policies.
  • Note:

    The Board of Management of Killinkere N.S. reserves the right to a place in the school under the terms and conditions of the School's enrolment policy; and completion of this enrolment form does not automatically guarantee same.
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