Active Flag

 Active Flag

Active Schools Committee

Our Active School Committee is made up of children from Senior Infants to 6th Class. They meet regularly and work very hard to come up with great ideas to keep the pupils and staff active. All the students in Killinkere NS thoroughly enjoy P.E. and teachers ensure that the five strands are taught each year.

Here is our Active School Committee with our Junior Mascot.

Our motto is:

“It’s not time to sit, it’s time to get fit”

Physical Education


The Children in Killinkere NS love Athletics. From September to November the pupils trained hard for the School’s Cross Country event which was held in our own locality. The day was a great success with all pupils who participated trying their best and having a great day out!


The children are covering many different games in P.E. including Gaelic football, Rugby, Soccer, Camogie and Tennis. We are very grateful to our local G.A.A. club which has worked hard with all the children and to all the different coaches who have visited our school. Each year we also take part in a Tag rugby Blitz in Virginia organised by Ulster Rugby and the children look forward to this each year.

The boys are very happy as they receive their medals for taking part in the FAI  soccer tournament.


We have lots of girls taking part in Camogie. We train every Monday evening and the girls have taken part in lots of friendly blitzes with other schools. The girls really enjoy it and we are very grateful to all the parents who help out at training and games.

Gaelic Football

Our school has both a boys and girls Gaelic football team and we take part in Cumann Na mBunscol each year. We train regularly in school and it is enjoyed by all.


The Pupil’s in 3rd class went swimming this year to Kells pool for seven weeks and enjoyed every minute of it. They learned many new skills including different strokes, diving, entering and leaving the pool and overall water safety. They were all very proud to receive a certificate at the end of their seven week session. A huge thank you to all the instructors.


The whole school from Junior Infants to sixth class enjoyed weekly gymnastic lessons with a coach in the first term. It was so much fun learning how to keep our balance on the benches. We were learning lots of sequences involving benches and mats.

Physical Activity

Free Dance Friday

Every Friday music is played out on yard for big break. The children really enjoy dancing and singing along to the music

Super Troopers

This year we have introduced the Super Trooper homework programme throughout the school. The children love doing the exercises each night and completing the fun well being activities.

Playground Leaders

Pupils from 5th & 6th class act as our playground leaders. Every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday they bring various equipment out to the yard for the other children to play with.

Every Thursday at big break we have a “No Football” day on the junior yard. The playground leaders set up and teach the children a selection of new games. The children love this and look forward to it each week.


Active Breaks

We have been very lucky this year too not have to many wet breaks. However, when we have been forced to stay in we have tried to stay active by dancing, exercising and following Go Noodle


Active Halloween, Christmas & Easter

At Halloween we had a fancy dress parade and disco in the hall. All the costumes were fantastic and we enjoyed dancing the afternoon away.

We also had great fun on the day of the Christmas and Easter holidays. At Christmas we all dressed up in our Christmas jumpers and Santa hats and took part in a Santa dash around the yard. Then we completed circuits around the yard. It was great fun.

At Easter the Easter bunny visited our school. The children who had all designed their own bunny ears and tails joined the Easter bunny on a bunny hop around the yard. They enjoyed dancing and exercising to music with the Easter bunny.





2017-2018 Activities

Last school year we had a number of events; Tri-Heroes in May/June 2017 with Cavan Sports Partnership. 3rd class took part in this and they visited the local Leisure Centre to show off their skills at the end of the Programme.

All staff members completed Games 4 all with Dean McElroy from Cavan Sports Partnership on 11th  May 2017.

Sports Day last year took place at Killinkere GFC  on 16th June and we were honoured to have Padraig Faulkner and Jack Brady from the Cavan Senior team helping out along with several past pupils.

Operation Transformation – 10 at 10

Last year we loved taking part in the 10 at 10. We all gathered in the hall and worked out together. We completed lots of different exercises and had great fun.

The Daily Mile

This year we worked with Cavan Sports Partnership and got involved in the Daily Mile. Each day all the pupils and teachers walk together around the yard for 15 minutes. The children really enjoy this daily walk. Our aim is to have the children jogging the daily mile before the year is out.


Tug Of War

On Wednesday the 2nd of May 3rd & 4th class had a Tug of War PE session. The all thoroughly enjoyed this new experience and learning the techniques involved.



Active Week

We celebrated active week on the 24th to the 28th of April and we all thoroughly enjoyed the week. A huge thank you to all the coaches who came in and added to the fun.


Each class had a dance lesson today with Nicole our SNA and dance teacher. It was so much fun dancing and singing along to music.


The active flag committee set up an obstacle course for all the classes. Each class went down to the all and completed the obstacle course as fast as the could. Great fun was had by all.


A variety of different stations were set up around the yard and the children enjoyed moving from station to station. The had to skip, jump hurdles, run with a bean bag on their head and carry out lots of other fun activities.


Junior infants to second class played lots of exciting games with their teachers. Ulster and Virginia rugby coach Jon Watt came to give the senior pupils a lesson on how to play tag rugby. Everyone really enjoyed the game.


In the morning we had great fun as we had races out on the yard to practise our ball handling skills. The teachers really enjoyed taking part in the races too – and were very competitive!

We were also very lucky to have Carol Verschoyle from East Cavan Eagles Basketball Club come to our school today to teach us the skills and techniques required for basketball. It was a great way to end our active week.

We are very grateful to our local sporting organisations; Killinkere GFC,  Virginia RFC and East Cavan Eagles Basketball Club for assisting us in our celebration of Active Week.